Little Flower May Newsletter

News from the Coordinator

The merry month of May:  what a Spring it has been here in the Little Flower.  May is a month that makes us proud of our class name, as little flowers bloom outdoors and Little Flower children enjoy lots of time in the sunshine and fresh air.

May is also the month of Mother’s Day, and we could say that this year’s project was one of the very best.  The children delighted in creating a decoupage jewelry box, and felt so proud to wrap it and take it home for Mom.

 Read on to find out more about the learning adventures we shared this month!

Science Class

By Ms. Lourdes    

The Little Flower children learned all about plants this month.  When we started this theme, there were very few children who could explain what plants need to grow- now we are proud green thumbs!  We began our investigation of plant life by exploring the similarities and differences amongst a variety of seeds. We observed that seeds come in different sizes and shapes, and started noticing the seeds in foods we eat like bananas, oranges, and apples.

Next, we used miniature gardening tools to plant our own garden. Each child planted his own bean plants, in addition to planting sunflower, tomato, carrot, lettuce, and flower seeds as a class. Thanks to our gardening adventures, now all our children know what seeds need to grow!

To round out our month of going green, we read Billy the Bean, and Inch by Inch, Jack and The Beanstalk, and Our Garden.

Art Class

By Ms. Julie 


Painting, playdough, and fun was what The Little Flower art room was all about in May!  We were especially excited that spring finally decided to show up so we could take class outdoors! The children love being outside while painting, and even look around for things to inspire their artwork. In honor of this beautiful season, we have been working with very bright colors, and the children have even been experimenting with creating their own colors!

This month we made our own not-so-little flowers to honor all of the blossoms of spring.  Ms. Juli took huge pieces of paper and outlined the flower of each child’s choice.  Next, the children used their imaginations and decided what colors to make the flowers.  These larger than life creations turned out wonderfully, and we can’t wait to share them with you at Family Day! Throughout the month, we have been hard at work preparing a year’s worth of art for viewing, and are eager to show-off our awesome handy work.  See you on Sunday, June 8th!

Math Class

By Ms Ewelina 


This month was all about shapes, colors, and counting. For a fun project, we made owls using different shapes including circles, teardrops, and triangles. The children also made a beautiful flower poster using different shapes and colors to construct each flower. These projects helped us to understand more about numbers, shapes, and size, and are proudly hanging on our wall for all to see! 

Next, we learned about fruits and vegetables and how to recognize them by color, shape, and size.  The Little Flower children learned why fruits and vegetables are an important part of our diet.  We voted for our favorite fruits and vegetables- apples and carrots were the overall winners!  We also had a special treat this month when some very talented fruits and vegetables came to put on a puppet show for the children.  It was veggie good!

We wrapped up the month with a variety of gross-motor counting games.  Children were able to get up and groove to the numbers with actions such as turning around, doing sit-ups, jumping, etc.  We can’t wait to share all we’ve learned with you at Open House!

Music and Movement

By Ms. Janice 


Every day the children go outside, eager to participate in outdoor activities. Some children are looking for treasures in the sandbox, while others are swinging, riding bikes, or playing in the big playhouse.

We have just as much fun when class is inside!  The children enjoy a variety of activities, including dress-up, dancing with balloons to the beat of a song, and playing with trains.  On “train day,” we put on classical music, while the boys and girls spend time connecting and building the wooden train tracks together. It is wonderful to see the children work together.  All aboard cooperation station!

Everyone comes running when they see the “Music Man” is here!  Special classes with Mr. Caleb are eagerly attended by all the Little Flower.  Mr. Caleb has shown us so many kinds of instruments, from marimbas to guitars to ukuleles.  He even gives each of the children time to play the instrument of the day.  Music to their ears!