Toddler Program


The Seed’s toddler program emphasizes a safe, healthy, emotionally secure and intellectually rich environment. 

Small group activities and personalized care take into account individualized needs, abilities, and schedules.

Specially trained staff practice responsive, respectful, relationship-based care, promoting curriculum that is sensitive to each toddler’s unique interests. 

Dialogue and collaboration between families and The Seedare an essential component of the toddler program.

Every effort is made to maintain continuity of teacher assignments and groups over time.

Sample Daily Schedule

Early Morning

Greeting parents and children; helping parents and children say good-bye, encouraging the children to explore the environment and a variety of playthings materials; music and movement; clean-up and wash hands; prepare and eat snack; invite children to participate in adult-directed activities such as a simple game or sensory table

Late Morning

Drink water; play outdoors; come inside, wash hands; read stories


Help set the table and eat lunch; clean up and wash hands; story time; help children get ready for nap; wake-up and cuddle time; prepare and eat snack

Late afternoon

Play indoors and outdoors; quiet play; sensory table; help children reunite with parents and leave for home

Note: Diapering takes place regularly and according to each child's individual needs. Potty training is handled on an individual basis in consultation with parents.